An Epic Blog for an Epic Event – Rated PG for Party-Going Audiences.

Warning: the following blog contains partial nudity and mild adult themes. Put down your sensibilities and grab a cuppa for a recap of a behemoth Music Marathon.

Who was singing sweet nothings? Who was wearing sweet nothings? And why “Think Pink” is no longer a solemn matter? 

The Colour Factory: awesome second life venue

If you know the answer to these questions then you, my friend, were a part of the most outstanding Second Life fund-raiser of all time*.   At 7:30am Sunday morning South Australian time the Colour Factory in Second Life came to life to raise money and awareness for the Parfait Party. *In my humble opinion 

Recap for those I have already lost:  Second Life is a virtual world that I hang out in and it is the reason I have so many beautiful, caring friends across the globe.  In Second Life you can be yourself, someone else, a dragon, a bunny, a fairy… you can go to the Louvre, the Eiffel tower or even  Pandora (from the movie Avatar), hear live music from a gig in Scotland, swim with dolphins, fly, dance, be a part of Dr Who or Star Trek.  You can change your name (My SL name is RebelMum or Rebs for short) You can make cities, design fashion, make money, spend money, give money… okies back to the marathon.

Wow… where to  start?  Ok my beautiful friend Bright Oh – a second life muso with regular gigs around Second Life (SL) decided to hold a music marathon as fund raiser for me. Sometime shortly afterward, his brain departed his body and he was possessed with the notion to sing 100 songs in 26 hours.  Yep, you read right – a 100 ORIGINAL songs live in 26 hours.  My dear friends Whisper and Precious chimed into help, taking control of  organising the marathon. Everything from decor and tip jars, posters, invites, rounding up artists to fill spots – (coordinating a live global 26 hours schedule is pretty wild task), hosting the event, welcomes, thank you’s, artist promotion… I can’t list all the good stuff they did to make this event, smooth, exciting and so professional.

Our Awesome Colour Factory Boss and Chief Marathon organiser, Whisper

Our Awesome Colour Factory Boss and Chief Marathon organiser, Whisper

The lovely Precious, chief artist organiser

A crowd of other beautiful people backed up Precious and Whisper with decorations, hosting and the all important bolstering the crowd during the event: Classy, Bibbi, Moonwomen; Enchantress; Lilly;  Timo – my goodness you guys have some stamina…. And I am sure your dedication inspired others like Skye, Marisol and Logan and dozens of others to jump on board and keep the gig pumping.

Classy (left) and tribe of others made this event a reality

And the gig did pump – for the whole 26 hours. The amazing artists who donated time, money and helped keeping the event alive – Bright Oh, Charles Somerset, Experiment Rhode, Maximillion Kleene, Sid Slade, AMForte, Edward Kyomoon, Theresa Nayer, Josie Anderton, Tamra Hayden, Shannon Oherlihy, Gina Gracemount, Quantamis Navarathna and Sonix. It was so professional and entertaining.

Being that I am not in full health it was a struggle to stay awake and functioning for the whole 26 hours so I enlisted some Help behind the scenes.  At least that way I had a first hand account of everything that went down.   Apparently so did everyone else….

During my few rest periods on the couch I was … well so the unsubstantiated rumour goes…. singing along in my sleep  A fact which the aforementioned said ‘Help’ thought was hilarious and saw fit to share with the entire crowd at The Colour Factory. Is nothing sacred and off limits at this Parfait Party?

Interjection by Said Help:  Ah, no, nothing is off limits. And almost everything is hilarious at 3am!  I can’t be held accountable!    Speaking of nothing being sacred and off limits… you promised some antics… 

Yes thank you, Said Help.  And antics there were. At least I was the not the only one embarrassed at the marathon.  I knew things were going to get rowdy when the beautiful Gina Gracemount sang the Panty Song in her amazing set, which started a fresh round of mis-pronouced discussions about Purple Parfait Panty Parties and other such tongue-twisters.

You would have heard people say anything for a good cause right?  The Marathon was no exception.  It was less than half way through before the crowd added even more spice with a few dares.
“I’ve got L5000 if Bright Oh wears a pink tutu for the next set” cried one.
“Another L5000 here if Tex joins him.”

At the mere mention of putting on a pink tutu in front of a crowd Bright Oh replies… “Oh yeah, I think I’ve still got my tutu. This is  normal weekend stuff for me.  Let’s do this.”
And so he did 🙂

Perhaps something you might not hear him say so casually in the real world.  Then again … maybe you would 🙂

Ahh, the wild abandon of having an avatar. Then it was on… in short order a pole arrived and Tex had a wardrobe change again: pink tights and a fluffy pink tail.  Now Tex’s Avatar when NOT wearing pink and wrapped around a pole is rather – well manly – so what a sight it was to see this great hunk of pixels pole dancing in pink for our pleasure and lindens!   Tex took rather a fancy to himself in pink and there was much discussion on the Facebook group about how many of us will never be able to “think pink” again with a straight face.  He he he.

Bright in Tutu with Parfait Glass tip jar

Tex rates his new look: “Damn, I make Pink look HOT!”

Bright Oh worked his way into delirium (with a few other die-hards) and through his 100 songs.  At about 3am he was telling the crowd about song choices and why he picked the comfy songs for this hour, knowing that 3am and song #70 was going to see him less than on form. He also told us how he wasn’t chatting between songs as much as usual to save his voice.  But then he said perhaps he was still talking… it was a LONG night for Mr Oh. Eventually he finished his debate with himself about how much he was/wasn’t chatting and ploughed on through the song list.

Toward the end of the show Bright was singing a lovely ballad – about song 97 I think – looking very proper on stage and suddenly I see Chuck (Charles Somerset) getting his gear off again – all for more donations. I think?  Then Experiment Rhode also – for the cause – disrobed and donned a Sporran (ONLY a Sporran) a tribute to our earlier Scottish performers – SONIX perhaps?

Chuck is singing SOAR, but thinking Good Charlotte: “Where’s my car, where’s my keys, where’s my clothes”

Aye, it’s seems you’ve forgotten ye kilt. Dinnae get yersel’ in a fankle?

The finale was sensational – amazing lighting and fireworks to congratulate Bright for making it to the 100 songs.   He did it and did it well!

The Colour Factory: Awesome second life venue explodes into fireworks and light as Bright sings his 100th song.

Oh, no party would be complete without an after party. For me, one of the funniest moments of the night was Chuck wandering around the near-empty dance floor, still in his undies asking if anyone has seen his clothes.  Ba ha ha ha.

As well as a damn fine excuse to play up, all this silliness, near-nakedness and exhaustion was for a cause – The Parfait Party.

Bright, Ex, Chuck and Tex choose to forgo clothes (and dignity), the Musicians choose to forgo usual tips, and asked the audience to instead tip giant Parfait Glasses in aid of my cause. Others choose to forgo sleep, money, sanity… it all went into the Parfait Glasses in the form of Linden dollars.

As I mentioned earlier, Second Life has its own economy and currency that converts to real dollars (approx. US$25-30 million are in world at any time).   They say it takes an village to raise a child… Well it took a small army to fill a Parfait Glass, and fill it they did. The event raised over HALF A MILLION LINDENS… which is a massive deal in Linden Dollars and real dollars.  It’s about $1800 AUD.  I spent the weekend in happy tears for all the kind words and donations.  Thank you to everyone who contributed or helped in anyway.

This event will be close to my heart as I travel… reminding me what a great community of people I have supporting me, all over the world.

*Stands on mountain top and screams*  I CAN DO THIS! THANK YOU ALL FOR BELIEVING IN ME!


I REALLY am going to bed now :)

I am excited and terribly humbled.  Friends from around the world are gathering  in  jsut over 7 hours to start a music marathon of 26 hours duration.  These friends reside and perform  in  a virtual world called Second Life  and the  marathon  is being held at  The Colour Factory.  Even  if  you don’t have a second life account  you can still listen  in to the various artists streams as they go live.

Listed below are the first few to start the day….. ummm event  🙂  SL is based  in San Francisco so it’s quite sane to start an event a 3pm  in the afternoon  But for  those of us living the other side of the world   it’s  up and atttum at  the crack of dawn — well almost 🙂

I really admire Bright Oh from Sydney  because he is first  off the rank  at 8am his time and we get that husky just  woke up voice 🙂 Please try and listen  in some time  over the next 26 hours  –  I’m sure  you are in for a treat.

3pm Sat San Francisco, London 11pm Sat, Sydney 08am Sun – BRIGHT OH 

BRIGHT BEGINS HIS QUEST TO SING 100 ORIGINAL SONGS IN 26 HOURS!!. Bright is a member of the awesome Aussie band SOAR, his quirky sense of humour and commentary is as entertaining as his music., but his voice will melt even the hardest of hearts.

4pm Sat San Francisco, London 12 midnight, Sydney 09am Sun – MAXIMILLION KLEENE
If music feeds the soul, MAXIMILLION Kleene is the food of the gods. His dynamic musical range and smooth groove provide many a listener with a virtual buffet of auditory temptations. Max brings from the USA high energy and a vast repertoire of quirky, classic, and current covers to Second Life.

5pm Sat San Francisco, London 01am Sun, Sydney 10am Sun – CHARLES SOMERSET
CHARLES is a member of the awesome Aussie band SOAR and performs tonight a treat of ballads. Charles is an accomplished song writer and guitar player and his songs will touch you.

6pm Sat San Francisco, London 02am Sun, Sydney 11am Sun – Bright Oh
BRIGHT continues his quest. Stream:

7pm Sat San Francisco, London 03am Sun, Sydney Noon Sun – SID SLADE
SID, though quite new to performing, is not new to SL. Through a mic left at his UK home by accident in 2009 a talent was discovered. Whether an accident or fate led Sid to performing, once you have heard him you will learn it is a gift and Sid is sharing that gift with SL and pursuing it in RL.

Will post  more  later in the day 🙂

Sharing A Lunch Together

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending SALT (Sharing A Lunch Together) – a women’s lunch group that meet monthly on the Yorke Peninsula.   Tuesdays meeting was in Kadina – about an hour away from my home town of Ardrossan.

What a beautiful time of year it is on the Yorke Peninsula.  The crops are  young and a vibrant green.  The wattles are in bloom giving brilliant yellow bursts to the road side, and it might just be my imagination … but even the sky seems to have brightened its hue to match the landscape.

Upon arriving at Kadina and stepping out of my warm car, I was rudely reminded that it is still winter; while the imagery might be spring-like – the wind that greeted me, was definitely not.

The group met at the Wombat Hotel, where a fragrant cup of tea soon warmed me again.   Jan the co-ordinator for the group welcomed us all.  Wendy Salmon, my palliative care nurse and an awesome human being was the guest speaker (speaking of Awesome, my breast care nurse Kim was also there). Wendy with some help from Kim did an excellent job of de-mystifying Palliative care.

Wendy talked about the overall goal of palliative care and the services available to patients and families; it’s something I had completely misunderstood until I was diagnosed.  I will come back to palliative care another day, but today I don’t want to focus on illness and other such yuckery.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak after Wendy and share news of my Parfait Party adventure with the thirty or so  people present.  It was the first public speaking opportunity I have taken since deciding to do this “Parfait Party Thing” and I was thankful for the opportunity to practice my spiel on such a forgiving audience.  With a unpredictable stomach (radiation side effect) and a croaky voice (Flu-shot side effect) I surprised myself and got the job done:  good to know I can still show up and do what I need to do at an event, even when feeling less than spectacular.

They were a wonderful audience and I was thrilled to see a community group talking openly and candidly about life choices. A real highlight for me was the opportunity chat with other ladies facing health challenges, but still following their dreams – I am glad that hearing about my dream inspired others to tell me their plans for the future.

Staying informed and sharing is a great way to take the fear out of some touchy subjects.   Well done Yorke Peninsula SALT.   And thank you all for Sharing A Lunch Together with me!

Old Farts Stuff – it’s Parfaitly Perfect

“Oooh…I want one!”  said my 33 year old daughter. 
“I know.  It’s cool right?”  I replied. 

Were we talking about shoes?  A new iphone?  Perhaps a pretty bracelet?
Nope,  we’re gushing over a pill box.  Yeah, you read right – one of those plastic boxes with all the little compartments that befuddled old dudes (points to self)  use to manage all the medications needed in advanced age.  Well apparently I am a befuddled old dude.   I stuffed up one of my medications the other day. Nothing life threatening but after spending a whole day super zonked, I conceded I did need the dreaded pill box. 

Another concession to old-fart-dom I have recently made is my walking stick.  Man, did that one hit the pride.  Just over a month ago, when new tumours were putting pressure on my hip and leg I could barely walk so my Doctor suggested a walking stick for stability until I got treatment (treatment was completed Friday – and I am getting ready to stuff the stick back into storage :)).  A walking stick at my age!  Oh the horror.     

Once I got past the stigma of ‘mobility aids’ and other old-fartinalia  it’s actually really quite interesting.  I am currently eyeing off the swivel seat thingie for the car, jar and can openers, stuff to help me get in and out of bed – giggles…why struggle and be uncomfortable when all these clever gadgets exist?   I’m not going to be bounding out of bed most mornings and taking a predawn jog.  And I know there are going to be times when I am travelling that I am going to be slightly borked, so why not give myself the tools to make it easy?

So below I’ve cooked up a little something that helped me get past my pre-conceived ideas and actually make my life easier.

 Recipe for Old-Fart Stylin’

2 cups of stigma
1 large tablespoon of pride
1 Pill box
1 healthy sense of humour
1 Walking stick
Paint / Beads and other bright fun things

Take the two cups of stigma and discard.  Replace with a good dose of practicality. Swallow the tablespoon of pride, quickly.  You’d be surprised how fast it goes down.  Take your shiny new pill box and load with all the stuff your doctors have given  you.  Pat yourself on the back for being smart enough to use it.  Rejoice that you are not going to accidently kill yourself in a drug induced haze and ordering replacement pills is made super easy, ‘cos  you can actually see what  you’ve got.  Now the fun bit… Take your walking stick and go wild.  Decorate with beads, paint, feathers…. go crazy.  Serve your improved walking stick with a fun, life loving attitude and a properly medicated body.  Embrace the old-fart styin’ and help make old-fartinalia  all the vogue.!

PS.  One day when life is less full I shall decorate that stick and post a pic – I got all the bright bits to do it — but I haven’t found the time yet 🙂

Thank  you  Jane Maggie Gilroy-Scott for today’s tagline 🙂

The Parfait Party – The Proof is in the Parfait

(Today’s tagline is courtesy of  Bright Oh)

Now some of you know I live a second life  in a virtual world called Second Life 🙂 One of the wonders of this second life is the amazing live music. I can be sitting in my lounge room  logged in and using my barbie doll avatar I can be chatting to people from all around the world.  Even better than this we can all be listening to someone sitting in their own home studio performing live for us.


One of these wonderful performers is Gina Sparks/Gracemount – who in her real life flits between the UK and USA. Gina has a fan group called The Strumpets and if you’ve been following my campaign you will know that I get to sleep with the Strumpets at least twice already 🙂 Wheeeeee!

Not only is Gina a wonderful singer (and songwriter when she can be coerced into playing the songs she’s written) but best of all Gina is a wonderfully generous friend and so are all her Strumpets.  Gina donated all her fees and tips from  her all of her gigs last week and chose the reward that goes with the sleeping with  Rebs level 🙂

To hear Gina sing and learn all about her Strumpets  or live performances online follow this link

    THANK YOU to Gina, The Strumpets and of the wonderfully generous people who donate either inworld or via

The proof really is in the Parfait 🙂


The Finest Line

 …also known as the well known tale of the Can-Do-Its

I’ve been thinking a lot about success and failure the last few days.  Lack of the former and the iminent arrival of the later.  So today I am giving myself a pep talk.  You get one too.

We’ve all heard the famous quotes:
“Failure is another steppingstone to greatness” – Oprah Winfrey

“The line between failure and success is so fine that we scarcely know when we pass it: so fine that we are often on the line and do not know” – Elbert Hubbard

Then of course we have the classic 12,000 ways not to make a light bulb,  fall down seven times and stand up eight and so on.  All wonderful stuff to have posted next to your computer or on the back of the dunny door. Hmm… talking about dunny doors – you should see what’s on mine! (maybe one day I’ll let you have a peek)

Ummm…yes I can use MS project but…
’tis really hard to bluetack the PC to the wall 🙂

And then, I look at my to-do lists and all those quotes seem fit for, is completing pretty posters of people mountain climbing.  Hmmm… the real question is how do I apply those inspirational words to the reams and reams of butchers paper in front of me.

Well, even if I am a bit behind schedule at least I’ve made a start.  That’s something right?  Maybe taking the first step and resolving to do something I love no matter the outcome is the success.  Robert H Schuller believes so: “Winning is beginning”.

Yesterday Fighter Vanessa and Frightened Vanessa were at each others throats, nay-saying this and blame-storming that.  The only appropriate response was to turn on some soothing music, drown them out, stop thinking and start doing.

But where to start?  Lewis Carroll recommends the Beginning.  Bit conventional for my liking.  So what do I want to work on today?  Something fun, something positive, something that is going to bring the Parfait Party closer to it’s potential.

All things on my list look terribly admin-y and tedious today.  What was that about opportunity being disguised as hard work?

In yesterday’s post the Lamp was quite horrified at idle thoughts being misused.  I suspect he would be equally unimpressed with me as I sit here sighing at my butcher paper lists. I can almost hear him, “Thoughts Become Things, you know.  If you think it’s too hard and too boring, you WILL prove yourself right.” 

Ok, so how do I rethink these daunting to-do’s into something more desirable?    I’ll defer to someone well versed in Thoughts Become Things

“Think of every single thing that we ‘have to’ do to get through a day as something that we ‘get to‘ do… before our turn is over” – Mike Dooley.

So maybe the finest line is is not between success and failure, beginning and ending. Perhaps the finest line is between “TASKS I have to do” and “Having the PRIVILEGE to do these tasks”.    Joy of joys; this finest line exists no-where but inside my noggin.  Look out… here I come TO-DO – no, scratch that PRIVILEGE-TO-DO list!

I CAN do it!

A Recipe for a Life with Bite-Sized Can-Do-Its

1 life – raw
1 time machine
1 bunch of Can’t-do-its
1 bunch of Can-do-its
Sprig of appreciation – fresh

Chop the Can’t-do-it’s into palatable daily sized pieces. (You’ll barely notice them – just like hiding vegetables in mince for the kids)

Place the 1 raw life into the time machine, with the chopped Can’t-do-it’s.

Bake until the 1 raw life is about to expire.

Take the well baked life out of the time machine and examine. If you are not happy with the results place the life back into the time machine until it is back to a raw state.

*For a more pleasing result try this variation made with Can-do-it’s.

Remove and discard all the Can’t-do-it’s. Add Can-do-it’s to the 1 raw life (again, chop them into small pieces and they wont hurt a bit)

Finish your creation with a large fresh sprig of appreciation and take at least one bite each day.

Never forget the sprig of appreciation, it will remind you what a privilege it is to be able to add your own Can-do-it’s to raw life and frankly no life should ever be served without it.

Recipe for illuminated thinking

Two inner voices – conflict ridden
One large ambition – homemade
One bed-side lamp – preferably cartoon style, animated.

Empty conflict ridden internal voices and beat liberally – it’s time they realised that they work for you, not the other way.
Squeeze your lamp for knowledge about the proper behaviour of inner voices.       Question your sanity three times, then decide you’re OK – it’s probably the lamp that is crazy.
Using the extracted knowledge, baste and stuff the inner voices back into your large ambition and bake for 3 weeks on high intensity.   Enjoy!

Frightened Vanessa:   I told you this was stupid.  Already you are too sick and you’ve given up.
Fighter Vanessa:  I have not!
Frightened:  You slept half of yesterday away.
Fighter: It was Sunday!
Frightened:  You haven’t posted a blog in nearly a week.
Fighter:  I’ve …  Well, neither have you!
Frightened:  You’re not Fighter Vanessa anymore, I’m going to start calling you Got-An-Excuse Vanessa.
Fighter:  That’s the pot calling the kettle black isn’t it?  All I’ve heard from you in weeks is “It’s too hard”, “No-one will support me”, “It’s a failure.”  Maybe I’m just starting to believe all your negative crap.
Lamp: Oi you two!  Keep that ruckus down will you?
Frightened:  What the…?
Fighter:  Oh great, not only am I stuck with little Miss Doom and Gloom in here, but now I’m having a conversation with an inanimate object.   Butt out buddy, this is a private conversation!
Lamp: No it’s not.  Certainly not with the volume you two are carrying on. Forgive me, but aren’t voices inside of heads supposed to be, well – inside – of the head?  It’s a wonder that woman hasn’t gone completely insane with you two blithering on like a pair of spoilt toddlers.
Vanessa Proper (Sleep talking):  I’ve got to make a phone call…  I really must phone the forks and the spoons and some accessories… mmm”
Lamp:  See!  I told you – she’s stark raving mad and who can blame the poor woman.  I’d give up too if I had to listen to you two arguing all day.
Frightened Vanessa:  Is that true Fighter?  Could we be making ourselves fail?  Perhaps we should listen to what the lamp is saying?
Fighter:  It’s a lamp! It shouldn’t be saying anything!
Frightened:  This is all too much.  We can’t do this.  Maybe instead of the
Parfait Party we could stay at home.  Maybe carry on gardening?  I saw some
lovely solar lights yesterday.
Fighter: Hmmm … “55 year old woman spends last years torturing and killing seedlings” I
don’t think so!
Lamp: Well best you both stop arguing and get your proverbial in a pile.
Fighter: Hey Buddy, I said this is a private conversation.  Stay out of it!
Lamp: There is no such thing you know.
Frightened:  Oh my gosh, really?  Have we been bugged?  Is this being broadcast somewhere…  I’m sorry Royal Adelaide Hospital… I didn’t mean what I thought last week, it was just the …  I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.
Lamp:  What! You thought without thinking! How reckless.  I can only imagine the damage you are doing to this poor women’s head and heart.  Exercise great care when thinking – once you have thunk a thought it can not be unthunk.
Fighter:  They are just thoughts. It’s not like they affect anything or anyone except us.
Lamp:  JUST thoughts!   JUST thoughts!   Every time you recklessly throw out  these absent minded thoughts you are affecting Vanessa’s actions, her confidence, the people around her, the vibe of the Parfait Party. There is nothing not effected by your thinking; least of all me!  Now please keep it down. While you are busy destroying things with your careless thinking, some  of us are trying to sleep!

The Parfait Party… because it’s always better when you Parfait with friends! (Gina Sparks)

Waves and hugs to all — I’m finally back from the flu 🙂 Frightened Vanessa was terrified it seemed all gone down the gurgler,  but Fighting V kicked her butt and managed to  keep me dreaming.  So I thought I’d share my dream vehicle/s with you.

I’m chasing one with 5 passenger seats, so that I  can take family and friends with  me for parts of this  adventure – not too worried about sleeping because everyone I know  is a good camper 🙂

It must of course be an automatic, safe and unlikely to need major repairs every  five minutes.

An onboard toilet and shower are important to me so that I can pull off the road if I am tired, have a sleep  and umm ermm well take care  of everything 🙂

So here are  some pics from  my vision board, each  of them  are rather wonderful  in their own way.  So I’m sending prayers and wishes to the gods of Winnebago, Toyota Coaster and Jayco.

Winnebago great floorplan

Seating for 4 around the table – imagine the grandies playing a game or colouring as I drive to another Awesome Aussie and their town 🙂

The PERFECT Layout – Jayco conquest

The Jayco conquest – look at those sleek lines less wind resistance ? 🙂

Car seate and toilet and shower whee!

Ok… ok… I admit it — I’m in love with this Jayco Conquest — it’s just perfect 🙂 Wanders off to chat to the universe about a used or loan one 🙂

The trusty, versatile, roomy Toyota Coaster is right up there in the dream stakes too 🙂

The Lucky Bucket

This project brings a lot of mixed blessings.

The Parfait Party developed when I realised I didn’t have much time left and it was time to pull the bucket list down from the top shelf and get busy.  I heard a story today of someone who lost a loved one to cancer just a few short months after diagnosis. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

What right do I have to be moaning and whining, about my pain and how little time I may or may not have?  Last week I’ve been feeling particularly pathetic, waiting on specialist appointments and possibly another nuking session for two busy tumours on my hip and thigh. The pain from these particular tumours was keeping me from everyday activities which is a recipe for grumpiness straight up. Add the flu, mix liberally with a quarter cup of self pity and I was feeling about as resilient as a wet tissue.

Today, I am immensely thankful for my diagnosis and I feel very privileged to have this advanced warning and the opportunity to follow my heart. Though it is a difficult time, I do feel like I am in the lucky bucket,  I have some time left AND the opportunity to do something great with it.  Are you in the Lucky Bucket?

For most of us (me included until a few months ago) we don’t have the slightest idea when our time is up. So we keep living as if we can just pop down to Woolies and pick up another three months when we feel supplies are getting low. We all keep ourselves busy with crap that absolutely has to be done in the next two hours, while shelving indefinitely all the important things to do in our life time.

I felt like a bit of a goose for even asking people to get on board and help me with my dream of starting the Parfait Party; others have lost so much so fast, still others I know are facing the same challenges as I am.  But what was the sense in putting my bucket list away again until the eleventh hour, fifty ninth minute?

My bucket list is now my Lucky Dip Bucket. I resolve (yet again) will do something every day that reminds me how lucky I am to have today.   Don’t put your Lucky Dip Bucket in storage until you are 87 and then get all cranky that you can’t do items 2, 5, 7, and 24 because they require working knees and a strong heart. Get your Lucky Dip Bucket down and start now.  Don’t put the good stuff off. You don’t need to save anything for a special day.  Well ok, maybe that bottle of Chivas Regal could wait til Friday… perhaps.  Or not.

How long will any of us have anyway?  And is the question ‘how long’ or should we be asking ‘how good / well / fully’.  I know now that I would rather have my life measured in deed and impact, than in days and years.

Yep, the Lucky Dip Bucket can expect daily delving.  This is one exception, where I want to see the glass – or bucket – half empty and and not still full of ’roundtoits’.

Rainbows you CAN catch

Awesome Rainbow Eucalyptus

After the flu comes a catchable rainbow.  Woke this morning and realised I could wave goodbye to the flu and to confirm that things were looking up I saw the most wonderful picture on FaceBook. Yes, all my best eduction and discoveries come from StalkBook. You’re welcome to stalk me here 🙂 and share my discoveries.

Rainbow trees – YES they are real and … and … and… *squeal of delight* … there are some in Australia!

I love real rainbows, rainbow paints, rainbow cottons, rainbow anything.  I even have rainbow fingernails right now. I also LURVE the outback, so imagine by absolute bliss on finding rainbow gum trees. The world constantly surprises and amazes me.

After giggling like a three year old for several minutes, I turned to the oracle of random trivia – Google – for more info about my new found love: Eucalyptus deglupta.

They occur all over the place, but what I really need to do is find them in Australia.  I’d love to add them to my trip. The hunt is on … do you know where they live? Because I really want to see them on my epic journey.

For now I’ll have to settle adding these beautiful wonders to my visualisation and hopefully I’l see them on the road somewhere soon.

Happy Rainbow Hunting!

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Rainbows everywhere