Host a Parfait Party

Restaurant / Event Venue Co-Hosted Event

Calling all highly creative restaurants, venues and caterers? Are you up for the challenge of hosting a fun filled night to raise money for a local charity? Join the perfect chaos of The Parfait Party and co-host an exclusive event in your town.

 What is an “event”? It’s a very unique lunch, afternoon tea or dinner party – think Mad Hatter Tea Party meets An Australian Story – loaded with fun, inspiration and fund-raising. Some events have 60-90 diners for a private kitchen 3-5 course meal, others are  a small gathering of friends around an afternoon tea.  The menu is up to you but there are two requirements at least one dish on the menu must be a parfait and a percentage of your profit, donations or a fund raising effort should go to a local organisation. Think laterally and creatively about about how you can help benefit a local organisation and get your best chef to dream up a brand new parfait – it can be hot, cold, savoury, sweet. During the event there will be two guest speakers with about five minutes each and a short presentation, but if your venue has an idea for something awesome (performance etc) we’d love to hear it.  The night is yours!

Join Vanessa’s great big adventure by co-hosting an event and you will also be helping a local charity in your area and maybe celebrating an interesting, unique, awesome local person.

 What do venue Co-Hosts receive? In addition to supporting a wonderful local cause and helping to honour someone special in your community co-hosts will receive:

  • Promotion locally: newspapers, radio, in person events.
  • Assistance with ticket sales if necessary.
  • A Parfait Party hand painted canvas as a certificate of appreciation.
  • Acknowledgement and thanks in books and featured in a blog entry preparing for the event.
  • Electronic copy of the book for each staff member.
  • Opportunity to feature your restaurant and unique parfait recipe in The Parfait Party Recipe Book. 

What do venue Co-Hosts give? This is more than a monetary contribution; co-hosts will be partners in bringing the event to life.  Working in collaboration with Vanessa’s planning team Co-Hosts are asked to:

  • Help promote the Parfait Party event in your town (In conjunction with local media and Vanessa and team.)
  • Provide the venue and donate wine/beer/soft drink for a glass on arrival.
  • Design and construct the menu  – use this opportunity to have fun, showcase your venue and maybe base the menu around a theme.  Vanessa’s team will brainstorm with you on this.
  • Donate to the local charity and/or organise a fund raiser for the event.  One of the guest speakers will be celebrated for their awesomeness and they will have choosen which local charity/organisation will receive this donation.

You’re interested but… you have a stack more questions. Of course you do.  When is Vanessa due here?  What if tickets don’t sell?  How is the money thing going to work? We have thought of all these questions too and worked hard to iron out kinks and make each event smooth.  Simply contact us if you are interested and a team member will be calling you very soon.

Once you have talked with Vanessa or a member of her planning team, and we’ve fine-tuned some details for your location, go ahead and claim this amazing event as your own and start to tell the world about it!

Ok, What next? Let’s have a chat and see if a Parfait Event will work for you. You can:

1) Email Vanessa and her team at

2) Complete a contact form on this blog and choose “Venue”

3) Call us directly on 0416 757 629

Thank you, and see you on the road somewhere