I was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer and the rather random purchase of a cutlery and parfait set became a fun reminder that I can still have a full quality life despite the stinky prognosis. So I’m going to set off around Australia seeking out other people who are defying odds, redefining their lives and marching to the beat of their own drum. I don’t want to sit  at home waiting…I want  to party – Parfait Party!

Combining the things I love to most into one last epic adventure. I’ll travel Australia seeking people who amaze, inspire and excite, record their stories in this blog and Parfait Party Book “That’s Awesome!” And just in case that ‘s not challenging enough, I’ll also host Parfait Party events; dinner parties with a fun twist raising money for great local charities. Welcome to the Parfait Party!


You’re doing what exactly?

It’s my life and I’ll have a parfait party if I want to! Eventually there will be 48 special towns in my Google Map and in between treatment and generally kicking cancer’s ass I intend to discover Awesome Aussie’s in each area. Along the way I hope to host fun fund-raising Parfait Parties, some will honour the Awesome Aussies, others will raise funds for a local organisation or for the Cancer Council. Parfait Parties are fun and flexible so bring along your sense of adventure and humour. (See suggestions here) Be prepared to laugh and celebrate life as you hear my story so far, learn about the work of the Cancer Council of SA,  maybe get to know a local charity or community organisation a little better or hear the “That’s Awesome” story from your local Awesome Aussie.

 To realise this dream I needed to leave the safety of brick walls and get mobile and if I’m realistic about my chronic crappy disease, rolling out a swag on the road side is not really viable for me now. So I invested in an old old old Dodge motorhome called Dodgybago. Dodgy is undergoing some cosmetic surgery (pictures on facebook here) right now but very soon we will begin our adventure and you are invited to come along  🙂

All of you wonderful current sponsors will begin to get your rewards once the adventure begins – it has been  slow start but start we will and publish we will too!

What if you get too ill or… err, ahem … well, you know… before 48 towns are visited and the books are published?

1) I don’t intend to “err, ahem … well, you know” just yet. Statistics say 2% of people with this advanced/secondary/stage iv breast cancer live for many years. I INTEND being in that 2%!

2) I have a great team who have helped me put this amazing adventure together. A member of my team will continue the trip and make sure every reward is delivered and the book is published 🙂 We’ve also got in place volunteer drivers in case I can’t continue to drive at any time. If I need to pull up for treatments at different stages the show will go on – Parfait Party Events will still be held and I’ll skype in to anything I can’t attend in person.

I know someone inspiring and awesome, how can they be included in the Parfait Party?

Everyone knows someone who inspires them. Who inspires you? Who makes you think “Wow, That’s Awesome!”

I will be travelling Australia looking for 48 Awesome Aussies to meet and feature on my daily blog and will also compile their stories into a book called “That’s Awesome!” volume 1. For more info click here

Where did the Parfait Party concept come from and what’s the story with the cutlery set also? 

Check out the home page in this blog

I’m interested in having a Parfait Party Event in my area, How do I go about it?

If you would like to host a Parfait Party – put your thinking cap on – it’s your party and you get to choose the fun 🙂  Just make sure there is at least one parfait on the menu 🙂 You can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish, from an afternoon tea where you serve parfait and a drink to an outrageous Mad Hatter dinner party. Click the following link for some ideas (organisers/venue owners info here ).

News papers: if you would like to co-host these events, run a story to find an Awesome Aussie, have your staff photographer’s work featured in the Parfait Party cook book and on the website as we promote your region through the blog, Facebook and the books please contact us.

There are lots of ways to be part of this dream, one of the best is to help me get word out and share this link with your family and friends and ask them to do the same.   Thank  you 🙂