The Ballad of Rebel and Dodge

Thank you for your votes and comments on Dodgybago Vs. The Perfect Vehicle.   It was great to hear different perspectives and experiences and add these into the melting pit of decision making.  As announced earlier today I have decided to go ahead with the purchase of the Dodgybago.

Dodgy and I are something of kindred spirits, I feel. We are both practical and resourceful, unique and a little off beat.  We are both hopeless nomads to the core.  A little bit battered by a full and joyful life and our new shine has long been replaced by a wicked patina wrought from experience and fun.  (This is nowhere near as articulate as Charles’ similes between ‘Vanessa the VW’ and me, but you get the idea. Read his gem here).   I feel Dodgy is my perfect travelling companion… not just a random vehicle.  I am sure Dodgy has many stories to tell and many more to live; just like me.

A story to tell… yes that reminds me the title of todays blog is the Ballad of Rebel and Dodge.   My dear friend, chief instigator of the Parfait Party marathon and talented songwriter Bright Oh once penned a song called the Ballad of Hope and Prime.  For some reason, whenever I thought about purchasing Dodgybago and starting our adventure together this tune popped in my head.  You can tell I am a bit gushing and romantic over the whole vehicle selection thing; hence my delay.  Anyway, with the intention of entombing this saga in the fair art of song…  and sincerest apologies to Bright Oh, I have ‘commissioned’ the bastardisation of his tune to suit my own blossoming romance with this 1973 Dodge, known as Dodgy (I’m really super sorry Bright…erm sort of).

The Ballad of Rebel and Dodge (I, Mel Ziarno accepted the above ‘commission’ to pen these words under certain duress and hereby beg Bright Oh’s, Prime, Hope and who knows who elses forgiveness. As you know mothers have some awfully powerful persuasive methods and some mothers even stoop to blackmail – not pointing at any in particular of course.)

She’s a Rebel with a cause and a parfait glass
Cancer’s got her, feelin a bit busted-arse
But there’s something she’s been seekin’
A trusty home with a v8 engine
Here in the ballad of Rebel & Dodge

He’s a clunker dodge, with plenty of space (oh la la la)
His most redeeming feature is not his face (oh my oh my)
But his history’s sure to please ya;
He’s been to Canada and Indonesia.
In the ballad of Rebel & Dodge

I don’t really know, who will outlast who
But I’ve never seen a bolder two (twoo ooo ooo)

I’ve been watching Rebs dance around Dodge
Could he prove to be both transport and lodge?
But there is something that’s for certain
Dodge is big enough to cart all her kit in
It’s the ballad of Rebel & Dodge

She’s the Rebel with a cause and heavy load
He’s the grunt, the wheels and her abode
To be going with them, I’d give up anything, even my left one.
This was the ballad of Rebel and Dodge

Such a crazy pair, with their Parfait ways
For Rebel and Dodge it’s party every day (ay ay ay)

Such a crazy pair, with their Parfait ways
For Rebel and Dodge it’s party every day (ay ay ay)

For the less romantic amongst us,  Dodgy’s measurements and photo’s are below for inspection.

Dodgy is in great condition for his age – his last owner enjoyed his company and kept up his maintenance and appearance. He runs on LPG but does have a petrol tank for emergencies. There are a couple of LPG tanks for the engine and one for the house. The house will also run on batteries or plug into mains electricity.  He’s 20 feet long and 8 feet wide. Dodgy likes to plod along about 90-95km per hour which suits me as I can enjoy the countryside as we go.

When he arrives here sometime within the next 10 days, he will be packing all his papers and history from birth in Canada in 1973.

For those days I bush camp or don’t want to play with the other kids 🙂

A large one – lots of room for everything 🙂

Always at the ready – i never have to pull it down to make it up 🙂

A full kitchen – for lots of Parfaits 🙂

Airconditioned – even when the door is closed 🙂

Welcome Dodgybago to the Parfait Party and this epic adventure.


11 thoughts on “The Ballad of Rebel and Dodge

  1. How wonderful to hear from you all 🙂 Glad you like Dodgy, He’ll be arriving in two days! Yippeee Meanwhile here comes another blog to keep you busy 🙂

  2. Thanks Bright so being so gracious about my butchering of the original ballad 🙂 Surfboards, kayaks… I am sure we can load Dodge up!

  3. Wow!!1 I think he is perfect! I can see beautiful relationship forming! Can’t wait to meet him….and very exxcited to meet you in person soon too!!

  4. Well this is a fancy set of wheels for sure. Just wait til it has a satellite dish on top – and surf boards – and things. As for the song it looks like a marvellous version of the Ballad of Hope and Prime to me, and i especially wish to remark on the exceptional rhyming of “dodge” and “lodge”! Sweet work there 🙂 Happy trails, Rebs and Dodge!

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