UT oh! They’re back!

Darned Fighter Vanessa keeps adding things to my bucket list.  Normally I’d be on her side for this, but lately… Well I think she has gone a bit barmy.  Her latest item is “Make something go viral”.  I mean what the heck?  It doesn’t even have to be Parfait Party related she tells me: just any old thing will do.   Fighter assures me that cracking the elusive magic of a viral campaign will somehow enrich my life and make it more meaningful.

Frightened Vanessa’s response “Ok, maybe we could do that. After I sleep for a week and wash my hair.  Oh yeah and I’ve also got the very pressing matter of re-organising my lint collection.

Seems like these two girls in my head are poles apart: one keeps throwing more at me and the other has a small case of head-in-sand.

But I know what they are both up to.  Oh yes, I’ve got their measure. The Parfait Party needs to start officially.  It’s the time of gunna’s-be-gone and although Frightened and Fighter both desperately want it to succeed, we are at the the final point of commitment, toes just creeping over the edge, but still gripping tightly.   I need to book a party, buy a caravan and just – GO!

So, once again I find myself in front of the mirror having difficult conversations with myself and alter egos.

“Maybe we could just stay here, wouldn’t it be great to still have this house, just in case?” Asks my protector Frightened.

“”Yeah, just another month or two to crack the viral puzzle and THEN we can get back to the original goal” says Fighter, in a rare moment of agreement with Frightened.

“No.” I reply calmly (ok … nervously) “I am going to do this. I am going travelling. I am writing a book.  I am eating Parfait. End of story!”


“Ah ah! No buts.”

“Couldn’t we just…”

“Shh!  No more!”

Frightened and Fighter are very, very quiet for a very, very long time and then… it’s just me…the mirror and my goal.   Whoa!


3 thoughts on “UT oh! They’re back!

  1. Reb:) I came across your story from Bright Oh’s blog and have read all your posts.Your journey into yourself has been made more intense with the clock ticking in front of your nose. It is not unfamiliar territory for me but my travelling has been extended over 25 years with my health challenge. In one sense the time is irrelevant as what we have in common is being ejected from the normal flow of events which allow many people to glide on the surface. So I am waving to you from Tasmania.
    Do you know what I think? You can not fail yourself no matter what unfolds. You are perfect as you are in all your glorious complexity. There is no right or wrong way to go….only different consequences.In the end there is first and last Being. Doing only springs from that. It is the quality of the former which ultimately matters and I firmly believe that place where Love resides is eternal.
    So here is one reader who knows whatever you choose to do is apt and I wish you Bright Blessings as you continue your pilgrimage.

    • Hi there Willothewisp 🙂 Wonderful to read your response and thank you for your encouragement 🙂 We may meet when I finally get to Tasmania, until then hugs and waves from South Aussie 🙂 Namaste

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