What the heck was I thinking evidently I wasn’t!

The human brain is a funny, funny thing.  Sometimes I can be so darn clever and sometimes I can be SOOOO stupid; it’s really incomprehensible that those diverse thoughts come out of the same brain.

I’m not going to talk about my insane cleverness (after all it’s a bit crass to brag), however I did want to focus on a brief moment of stupidity that lasted… oh, I don’t know…. about three months.

Yesterday morning I awoke with a crazy idea.  Well technically Frightened Vanessa woke me.

“You are not going to raise enough money for a motorhome… you are going to have to do this in a Kombi, like you have been threatening.   And really; have a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.  How long is this broken body going to be making folding up beds and walking 200 metres to the nearest toilet in the middle of the night.  You have buggered this up.”

“I CAN and I WILL do this” Fighter replied “Oh ouch that hurts… Just as soon as my pain killers kick in and I get out of bed.”

So after awaking to these two toddlers carrying on inside my head, I had a good hard look at the situation just as Frightened Vanessa suggested.    Ok, I can afford a Kombi.  I can’t afford the magnificent motorhome of my dreams yet.  What other middle ground might there be?

And then it happened.  A wondrous bolt of lightening.  I could perhaps buy a caravan instead.  But wait… didn’t I hate caravans.  I had discarded this idea really early in my planning piece.  A little bit nervous of the idea of towing something so large, I also had some rather outdated ideas about connecting a caravan.  I flicked through my caravan and camping books to see with fresh eyes pictures and stories of seniors happily unhooking and setting  up caravans easily.  It was a oversight worthy of physically slapping my forehead.  Doh!  Caravans pretty well all have hydraulic methods or attachments.  Not all caravaner’s were herculeans, dragging mammoth ‘vans around on their backs.  What a git I have been.

Testing the idea with my friends, yielded more insights.

“What about if you need to pop to the shop?”  One friend asked. “With a motorhome you will have to disconnect and pack away everything every single time you want to go somewhere.  A caravan can stay put and you can just jump in the car?” you know I have no idea why this had not occurred to me earlier.

 Spectacular Fail, Vanessa. 

Anyway, with new clarity I began redefining the needs of my trip.  This revelation led me to the idea that to reach the funds I needed something simple for folks to participate in.  I worked out 5 x 5 would do the job (see previous post).  If everyone involved in the team, group or on our contacts list asked 5 friends to give $5, then those five friends asked 5 friends to give $5, The Parfait Party would have the necessary funding to get a reliable towing vehicle and a beaut little 16 foot caravan.   Joy!

I am still totally in love with the Jayco look and practicality, so now I add to my vision board the Jayco Starcraft (16 foot), and a towing vehicle.  Don’t get me wrong any automatic motorhome or car and van that turns up at my door will be most welcomed, however these are my Creme de la Creme images.    A Girls gotta dream right?  🙂

16′ is a perfect size for me to live in and to tow. This one is just gorgeous and is my dream one, but I am looking at all kinds.

Everything… even a good sized shower and toilet within easy reach for the not so good days 🙂

Comfortable bed and lots of storage, I wouldn’t miss a stay in one place home at all 🙂

And all the conveniences of home in case I need to simply pull over and sleep.

I like the double as it’s easier to make but then again the twin allows me to have a co-driver sleep here too? What do you think?

oh and lookies at this – a modern kombi 🙂 and lots of room for friends and family to tour with me 🙂


I love to hear from you :)

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