Sharing A Lunch Together

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending SALT (Sharing A Lunch Together) – a women’s lunch group that meet monthly on the Yorke Peninsula.   Tuesdays meeting was in Kadina – about an hour away from my home town of Ardrossan.

What a beautiful time of year it is on the Yorke Peninsula.  The crops are  young and a vibrant green.  The wattles are in bloom giving brilliant yellow bursts to the road side, and it might just be my imagination … but even the sky seems to have brightened its hue to match the landscape.

Upon arriving at Kadina and stepping out of my warm car, I was rudely reminded that it is still winter; while the imagery might be spring-like – the wind that greeted me, was definitely not.

The group met at the Wombat Hotel, where a fragrant cup of tea soon warmed me again.   Jan the co-ordinator for the group welcomed us all.  Wendy Salmon, my palliative care nurse and an awesome human being was the guest speaker (speaking of Awesome, my breast care nurse Kim was also there). Wendy with some help from Kim did an excellent job of de-mystifying Palliative care.

Wendy talked about the overall goal of palliative care and the services available to patients and families; it’s something I had completely misunderstood until I was diagnosed.  I will come back to palliative care another day, but today I don’t want to focus on illness and other such yuckery.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak after Wendy and share news of my Parfait Party adventure with the thirty or so  people present.  It was the first public speaking opportunity I have taken since deciding to do this “Parfait Party Thing” and I was thankful for the opportunity to practice my spiel on such a forgiving audience.  With a unpredictable stomach (radiation side effect) and a croaky voice (Flu-shot side effect) I surprised myself and got the job done:  good to know I can still show up and do what I need to do at an event, even when feeling less than spectacular.

They were a wonderful audience and I was thrilled to see a community group talking openly and candidly about life choices. A real highlight for me was the opportunity chat with other ladies facing health challenges, but still following their dreams – I am glad that hearing about my dream inspired others to tell me their plans for the future.

Staying informed and sharing is a great way to take the fear out of some touchy subjects.   Well done Yorke Peninsula SALT.   And thank you all for Sharing A Lunch Together with me!


2 thoughts on “Sharing A Lunch Together

  1. Hi Rebs, good on you for your lovely time out …. I am sure you inspired at least one person to do a bit more than they had planned on doing. You are such an inspiration! In the short couple of years I have known you, you have been a generous, intelligent woman and now I can add courageous, adventurous and slightly madcap to the adjectives that I will use to describe you *hugs hon, lots of rainbow hugs* xxx

  2. Hey, well done for fronting up to speak even when you felt like poo. Would be nice to see a pic or two of your good self on your travels 🙂

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