Old Farts Stuff – it’s Parfaitly Perfect

“Oooh…I want one!”  said my 33 year old daughter. 
“I know.  It’s cool right?”  I replied. 

Were we talking about shoes?  A new iphone?  Perhaps a pretty bracelet?
Nope,  we’re gushing over a pill box.  Yeah, you read right – one of those plastic boxes with all the little compartments that befuddled old dudes (points to self)  use to manage all the medications needed in advanced age.  Well apparently I am a befuddled old dude.   I stuffed up one of my medications the other day. Nothing life threatening but after spending a whole day super zonked, I conceded I did need the dreaded pill box. 

Another concession to old-fart-dom I have recently made is my walking stick.  Man, did that one hit the pride.  Just over a month ago, when new tumours were putting pressure on my hip and leg I could barely walk so my Doctor suggested a walking stick for stability until I got treatment (treatment was completed Friday – and I am getting ready to stuff the stick back into storage :)).  A walking stick at my age!  Oh the horror.     

Once I got past the stigma of ‘mobility aids’ and other old-fartinalia  it’s actually really quite interesting.  I am currently eyeing off the swivel seat thingie for the car, jar and can openers, stuff to help me get in and out of bed – giggles…why struggle and be uncomfortable when all these clever gadgets exist?   I’m not going to be bounding out of bed most mornings and taking a predawn jog.  And I know there are going to be times when I am travelling that I am going to be slightly borked, so why not give myself the tools to make it easy?

So below I’ve cooked up a little something that helped me get past my pre-conceived ideas and actually make my life easier.

 Recipe for Old-Fart Stylin’

2 cups of stigma
1 large tablespoon of pride
1 Pill box
1 healthy sense of humour
1 Walking stick
Paint / Beads and other bright fun things

Take the two cups of stigma and discard.  Replace with a good dose of practicality. Swallow the tablespoon of pride, quickly.  You’d be surprised how fast it goes down.  Take your shiny new pill box and load with all the stuff your doctors have given  you.  Pat yourself on the back for being smart enough to use it.  Rejoice that you are not going to accidently kill yourself in a drug induced haze and ordering replacement pills is made super easy, ‘cos  you can actually see what  you’ve got.  Now the fun bit… Take your walking stick and go wild.  Decorate with beads, paint, feathers…. go crazy.  Serve your improved walking stick with a fun, life loving attitude and a properly medicated body.  Embrace the old-fart styin’ and help make old-fartinalia  all the vogue.!

PS.  One day when life is less full I shall decorate that stick and post a pic – I got all the bright bits to do it — but I haven’t found the time yet 🙂

Thank  you  Jane Maggie Gilroy-Scott for today’s tagline 🙂


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