The Parfait Party – The Proof is in the Parfait

(Today’s tagline is courtesy of  Bright Oh)

Now some of you know I live a second life  in a virtual world called Second Life 🙂 One of the wonders of this second life is the amazing live music. I can be sitting in my lounge room  logged in and using my barbie doll avatar I can be chatting to people from all around the world.  Even better than this we can all be listening to someone sitting in their own home studio performing live for us.


One of these wonderful performers is Gina Sparks/Gracemount – who in her real life flits between the UK and USA. Gina has a fan group called The Strumpets and if you’ve been following my campaign you will know that I get to sleep with the Strumpets at least twice already 🙂 Wheeeeee!

Not only is Gina a wonderful singer (and songwriter when she can be coerced into playing the songs she’s written) but best of all Gina is a wonderfully generous friend and so are all her Strumpets.  Gina donated all her fees and tips from  her all of her gigs last week and chose the reward that goes with the sleeping with  Rebs level 🙂

To hear Gina sing and learn all about her Strumpets  or live performances online follow this link

    THANK YOU to Gina, The Strumpets and of the wonderfully generous people who donate either inworld or via

The proof really is in the Parfait 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Parfait Party – The Proof is in the Parfait

  1. Yet another article in which Bright and the Strumpets are mentioned… what are you going to tell your mum Bright?! 😮
    Thank you Fighter Vanessa…. We are so proud to be involved in supporting you, and I know that many will agree with me when I say you enrich the lives of everyone you meet. We are all behind you… all the way!!
    This year Aus… next year…. The Parfait Party, The World Tour !! 🙂

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