Recipe for illuminated thinking

Two inner voices – conflict ridden
One large ambition – homemade
One bed-side lamp – preferably cartoon style, animated.

Empty conflict ridden internal voices and beat liberally – it’s time they realised that they work for you, not the other way.
Squeeze your lamp for knowledge about the proper behaviour of inner voices.       Question your sanity three times, then decide you’re OK – it’s probably the lamp that is crazy.
Using the extracted knowledge, baste and stuff the inner voices back into your large ambition and bake for 3 weeks on high intensity.   Enjoy!

Frightened Vanessa:   I told you this was stupid.  Already you are too sick and you’ve given up.
Fighter Vanessa:  I have not!
Frightened:  You slept half of yesterday away.
Fighter: It was Sunday!
Frightened:  You haven’t posted a blog in nearly a week.
Fighter:  I’ve …  Well, neither have you!
Frightened:  You’re not Fighter Vanessa anymore, I’m going to start calling you Got-An-Excuse Vanessa.
Fighter:  That’s the pot calling the kettle black isn’t it?  All I’ve heard from you in weeks is “It’s too hard”, “No-one will support me”, “It’s a failure.”  Maybe I’m just starting to believe all your negative crap.
Lamp: Oi you two!  Keep that ruckus down will you?
Frightened:  What the…?
Fighter:  Oh great, not only am I stuck with little Miss Doom and Gloom in here, but now I’m having a conversation with an inanimate object.   Butt out buddy, this is a private conversation!
Lamp: No it’s not.  Certainly not with the volume you two are carrying on. Forgive me, but aren’t voices inside of heads supposed to be, well – inside – of the head?  It’s a wonder that woman hasn’t gone completely insane with you two blithering on like a pair of spoilt toddlers.
Vanessa Proper (Sleep talking):  I’ve got to make a phone call…  I really must phone the forks and the spoons and some accessories… mmm”
Lamp:  See!  I told you – she’s stark raving mad and who can blame the poor woman.  I’d give up too if I had to listen to you two arguing all day.
Frightened Vanessa:  Is that true Fighter?  Could we be making ourselves fail?  Perhaps we should listen to what the lamp is saying?
Fighter:  It’s a lamp! It shouldn’t be saying anything!
Frightened:  This is all too much.  We can’t do this.  Maybe instead of the
Parfait Party we could stay at home.  Maybe carry on gardening?  I saw some
lovely solar lights yesterday.
Fighter: Hmmm … “55 year old woman spends last years torturing and killing seedlings” I
don’t think so!
Lamp: Well best you both stop arguing and get your proverbial in a pile.
Fighter: Hey Buddy, I said this is a private conversation.  Stay out of it!
Lamp: There is no such thing you know.
Frightened:  Oh my gosh, really?  Have we been bugged?  Is this being broadcast somewhere…  I’m sorry Royal Adelaide Hospital… I didn’t mean what I thought last week, it was just the …  I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.
Lamp:  What! You thought without thinking! How reckless.  I can only imagine the damage you are doing to this poor women’s head and heart.  Exercise great care when thinking – once you have thunk a thought it can not be unthunk.
Fighter:  They are just thoughts. It’s not like they affect anything or anyone except us.
Lamp:  JUST thoughts!   JUST thoughts!   Every time you recklessly throw out  these absent minded thoughts you are affecting Vanessa’s actions, her confidence, the people around her, the vibe of the Parfait Party. There is nothing not effected by your thinking; least of all me!  Now please keep it down. While you are busy destroying things with your careless thinking, some  of us are trying to sleep!

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