The Parfait Party… because it’s always better when you Parfait with friends! (Gina Sparks)

Waves and hugs to all — I’m finally back from the flu 🙂 Frightened Vanessa was terrified it seemed all gone down the gurgler,  but Fighting V kicked her butt and managed to  keep me dreaming.  So I thought I’d share my dream vehicle/s with you.

I’m chasing one with 5 passenger seats, so that I  can take family and friends with  me for parts of this  adventure – not too worried about sleeping because everyone I know  is a good camper 🙂

It must of course be an automatic, safe and unlikely to need major repairs every  five minutes.

An onboard toilet and shower are important to me so that I can pull off the road if I am tired, have a sleep  and umm ermm well take care  of everything 🙂

So here are  some pics from  my vision board, each  of them  are rather wonderful  in their own way.  So I’m sending prayers and wishes to the gods of Winnebago, Toyota Coaster and Jayco.

Winnebago great floorplan

Seating for 4 around the table – imagine the grandies playing a game or colouring as I drive to another Awesome Aussie and their town 🙂

The PERFECT Layout – Jayco conquest

The Jayco conquest – look at those sleek lines less wind resistance ? 🙂

Car seate and toilet and shower whee!

Ok… ok… I admit it — I’m in love with this Jayco Conquest — it’s just perfect 🙂 Wanders off to chat to the universe about a used or loan one 🙂

The trusty, versatile, roomy Toyota Coaster is right up there in the dream stakes too 🙂


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