The Lucky Bucket

This project brings a lot of mixed blessings.

The Parfait Party developed when I realised I didn’t have much time left and it was time to pull the bucket list down from the top shelf and get busy.  I heard a story today of someone who lost a loved one to cancer just a few short months after diagnosis. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

What right do I have to be moaning and whining, about my pain and how little time I may or may not have?  Last week I’ve been feeling particularly pathetic, waiting on specialist appointments and possibly another nuking session for two busy tumours on my hip and thigh. The pain from these particular tumours was keeping me from everyday activities which is a recipe for grumpiness straight up. Add the flu, mix liberally with a quarter cup of self pity and I was feeling about as resilient as a wet tissue.

Today, I am immensely thankful for my diagnosis and I feel very privileged to have this advanced warning and the opportunity to follow my heart. Though it is a difficult time, I do feel like I am in the lucky bucket,  I have some time left AND the opportunity to do something great with it.  Are you in the Lucky Bucket?

For most of us (me included until a few months ago) we don’t have the slightest idea when our time is up. So we keep living as if we can just pop down to Woolies and pick up another three months when we feel supplies are getting low. We all keep ourselves busy with crap that absolutely has to be done in the next two hours, while shelving indefinitely all the important things to do in our life time.

I felt like a bit of a goose for even asking people to get on board and help me with my dream of starting the Parfait Party; others have lost so much so fast, still others I know are facing the same challenges as I am.  But what was the sense in putting my bucket list away again until the eleventh hour, fifty ninth minute?

My bucket list is now my Lucky Dip Bucket. I resolve (yet again) will do something every day that reminds me how lucky I am to have today.   Don’t put your Lucky Dip Bucket in storage until you are 87 and then get all cranky that you can’t do items 2, 5, 7, and 24 because they require working knees and a strong heart. Get your Lucky Dip Bucket down and start now.  Don’t put the good stuff off. You don’t need to save anything for a special day.  Well ok, maybe that bottle of Chivas Regal could wait til Friday… perhaps.  Or not.

How long will any of us have anyway?  And is the question ‘how long’ or should we be asking ‘how good / well / fully’.  I know now that I would rather have my life measured in deed and impact, than in days and years.

Yep, the Lucky Dip Bucket can expect daily delving.  This is one exception, where I want to see the glass – or bucket – half empty and and not still full of ’roundtoits’.


One thought on “The Lucky Bucket

  1. I burned my roundtoit quite some years ago, when I realised it was a useless piece of crap that went nowhere, except round and round in circles. I replaced it with a “Do-It-Do-It” which is sooo much more useful and wayy more fun. Parfait glasses are wondrous things, but you can also have “Parfait In A Bucket”. I rather like “Phuckit In a Bucket”, too. “Parfaiiiiit Partayyyy” also works beautifully. You know that these are the kind of thoughts that kept me out of the really good schools, right?!

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