Rainbows you CAN catch

Awesome Rainbow Eucalyptus

After the flu comes a catchable rainbow.  Woke this morning and realised I could wave goodbye to the flu and to confirm that things were looking up I saw the most wonderful picture on FaceBook. Yes, all my best eduction and discoveries come from StalkBook. You’re welcome to stalk me here 🙂 and share my discoveries.

Rainbow trees – YES they are real and … and … and… *squeal of delight* … there are some in Australia!

I love real rainbows, rainbow paints, rainbow cottons, rainbow anything.  I even have rainbow fingernails right now. I also LURVE the outback, so imagine by absolute bliss on finding rainbow gum trees. The world constantly surprises and amazes me.

After giggling like a three year old for several minutes, I turned to the oracle of random trivia – Google – for more info about my new found love: Eucalyptus deglupta.

They occur all over the place, but what I really need to do is find them in Australia.  I’d love to add them to my trip. The hunt is on … do you know where they live? Because I really want to see them on my epic journey.

For now I’ll have to settle adding these beautiful wonders to my visualisation and hopefully I’l see them on the road somewhere soon.

Happy Rainbow Hunting!

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Rainbows everywhere


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