Hello Party Goers

I’ve fallen off the radar for a couple days.  Tuesday, I was down in Adelaide for a spot of scanning to check on some gremlins – this usually take me out of commission for a whole day.

Upon my return, I found my daughter Mel in a mad panic trying to plan an elaborate Birthday Party for my soon-to-be 6yr old granddaughter.  Funnily enough, Charli – the Birthday girl – has had five other Birthdays on the 4 July, so I am unsure as to why it came as such a surprise to Mel that come the 3rd of July she better start organising a party.  Bit of forward planning wouldn’t hurt you sweetheart… 🙂

A couple of people have asked will I be able to do this trip with … erm… umm… ‘that condition’, and the answer is apparent after the last two days. If I can do the day trip to Adelaide (five hours travel) take a couple of medical appointments, THEN pull an all nighter creating party games AND face an onslaught of sugar-soaked six year olds the next morning, then you bet!  I can ABSOLUTELY handle hosting an event with consummate professional venues and my team by my side.

Anyway, after pulling the graveyard shift and making props and party bags into the wee hours, we managed to pull the thing together.   As we were readying ourselves for the grand affair, Mel looks and me and says “Why did we just spend 10 hours preparing for a 2 hour party?”

On the surface it seemed crazy. Why indeed did we? But what Mel hadn’t taken into account was the fun factor and value system.

When calculating effort to put into an activity it’s not as straight forward as one hour homework = one hour output.  Ask an Olympic athlete, possibly one of the worse work/reward time ratio’s – A lifetime of training for a three minute race!

How much fun will the event be? How much will it fulfill your personal values?   These are questions that can’t be measured by the minutes on the clock.  In fact, now I think about it nothing worthwhile can be measured on a clock and it probably explains the row of silent watches in my jewelry box.

So Yes Mel, we did just spend ten hours to create a two-hour party.  But we also created a memory, an impression and a bucket-load of fun!

I think the Parfait Party Events will be exactly the same. There will be months of pre-sales, media preparation, working with the venues, interviewing the Awesome person and their chosen charity.  It’s a big job for me and my team.   But just like little Charli’s Birthday, some things are worth the extra effort.

Hang on?  Did I say a couple of months organisation?                                            EEEEEPs I better get a wriggle on…


One thought on “Hello Party Goers

  1. I agree so much with this Vanessa….many things take far more preparation then the actual event…and after it all seems so worthwhile that the ‘pain’ of prep is so quickly forgotten!

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