OMG it’s on its way!

Pulse racing, knees quaking. Stomach in a knot. I feel like I am going to explode and it’s not going to be a good thing.

No, no.  Don’t worry. This doesn’t relate to the last post in Team News (although, that is all fine now, thank you very much).

The Parfait Party is happening!  It’s real!  On gosh.   So excited, so buzzed up and just a little itsy tiny bit … ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED.  What have I done?

I’ve got to shout out again to all those who have made the initial donations, passed on the word and offered goods and service donations to help me out: you have all been so thoughtful and bold to get on board with this dream.  I know the Parfait Party is going to be an outstanding success and bring joy to so many people.

I also know that already I am way out of my comfort zone already, but there is no undoing this now.  I just need to take my daily dose of cement, tell Frightened Vanessa to get back in her box (she frequently whispers to me to back down and tells me I am too sick or not interesting enough or not committed enough to see this through).  Fighter Vanessa takes a hard line with me when I start listening to this sort of rubbish and directs me to the comments in and Facebook to read those wonderful well wishes and messages of support.

“Are you going to let all these guys down?” Fighter Vanessa challenges, pushing my face up to the screen, rubbing my nose in all the love and faith.

“No.  Of course not.”  I say with my head down and tail between my legs.

So let me change that note of pure terror in my opening line to one of pure excitement, because that is the magic you give me when you write or like a comment, donate or offer support or pass this story forward.

It keeps Frightened Vanessa in check and allows Fighter Vanessa to get the show on the road!


I love to hear from you :)

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