Split personality :)

Introducing Reb’s

One of my hobbies is a place called Second Life – a wondrous place of imagination and creativity. I’ve been a member for about five years and have in my time been a monster, mermaid, bunny, dolphin, fairy and goodness knows what else 🙂

I have met many wonderful friends and best of all discovered all kinds of wonders, from live music to a virtual Relay For Life event that last year raised over 3/4 million USD.

I designed and manage the build of an amazing place called Star Journey Island where people get to walk and play in a self development book rather than read it.

My virtual home is in a place called The Colour Factory where friends hold regular live music events and the vibrant build was created by a wonderful artist who lives overseas.

In this virtual world I carry the name of Rebelmum Slade, which over time got shortened to rebel, reb and eventually thanks to a special friend settled on the warmer Rebs.

Over the years some of these online friendships have spilled into the ‘real world’ so I now answer to Vanessa and Rebs equally 🙂


I love to hear from you :)

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