Fuel and freebies

OMGosh what a wonderful day 🙂 The amazingly generous Caltex Roadhouse at Clare have donated $1500 in Starcard Fuel cards  to get my journey on the road 🙂

And to top the day off I can announce the 60k milestone rewards 🙂 Read all about the rewards for you here
Milestone rewards will be sent to EVERY SINGLE SPONSOR once the milestone is reached. My wonderfully talented and generous friends have donated the following milestone rewards.

2 children’s e-books by children’s author Micki Zee (aka Mel Ziarno) http://www.mickizee.com

3 downloadable CD’s by singer/songwriter Bright Oh (aka David Llewellyn) http://brightoh.com

E-book and membership of Star Journey by creator/author Richard Geer (aka Starman)http://star-journey.com


One thought on “Fuel and freebies

  1. Marvellous 🙂 I will be making sure i go to the Caltex Roadhouse at Clare the very next opportunity i have!! And i bet they make very good toasted tomato sandwiches 🙂

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