The First Parfait Party

Last post I mentioned that my Dad helped me collect stamps for the discounted cutlery set, so I guess I should tell you a little bit about my family. I’m 54 and the eldest of 6 children, I’ve travelled a fair bit and came back to live in Ardrossan a few years ago. Ardrossan is a small friendly beachside town on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Dad and I live in the same town. My brothers and sisters, their families and my children and their families are scattered around all Australia.

I came back to this wonderful little town when my Mum fell ill with lung Cancer, and sadly, she passed away four years ago. I know she would have laughed at my efforts to educate Dad about what a parfait was and why they need such a long spoon.

So with my Father clued up about the nature of parfait, but still completed baffled in my sudden fascination with them, my Sister Sandie arrived for a visit. My Sister and Dad were driving to a nearby town with more shops, so I asked them to buy me six parfait glasses.

There was much to-do about which size, colour, material, price and shape the glasses should be and in the end I left it to them. That night we christened these amazingly large glasses and dad got to use the famous parfait spoon from my cutlery set at last.

I cannot recall ever serving parfait before. I’m not really a desert person… I guess staring down the barrel of nasty prognosis inspired me to find more opportunities for laughter and sweetness.


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