I blame the spoon!

It all began the day I was diagnosed with incurable secondary breast cancer. The very same day our local Foodland supermarket started a promotion that enabled you to collect one stamp for every ten dollars you spent, and in time to exchange those stamps for pieces of a rather nice cutlery set.

“Hmm, a decent cutlery set would be nice” I thought, followed immediately by “Don’t be absurd! I’ll die before I get to use the set. I need to save money for practical things.”

“But I really like this spoon” I countered myself again.

So there and then in aisle three began the battle of the two Vanessas; I call them Fighter Vanessa and Frightened Vanessa.

Fighter Vanessa won this particular battle. I swallowed a bucket of cement powder, decided to live long enough and well enough to collect and use my shiny new cutlery set.

This set came in single settings and sets of six teaspoons, cake forks or parfait spooons. My dad lives in town and I asked him shop in multiples of ten and save the stamps for me. After a few months we had enough to complete a four person setting, so I went and invested in it. Dad continued to collect stamps – just in case 🙂 Anyway, what’s the good of having six settings for parfait and only four places for dinner. Another two place settings were added to the collection. 

Cancer = 0, Vanessa = 1 very nice cutlery set.

But what good are parfait spoons without parfait glasses … 


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